Miguel Montevista

Writer of Speculative Ficton, Magic Realism, and Horror

I write about the world, as seen through the lens of the supernatural. I have written stories, articles, and RPG adventures covering a number of different genres.
My background and education is in biomedical engineering and in finance; many of my stories use this deep knowledge to develop new ways of seeing the world, or even demonstrate where science is as of yet blind to how the universe functions.I'm always happy to hear from people, discuss new ideas, and learn more in coming up with new creative worlds and situations to experience!


@kittypookaA pandemic shut-in finds the end of the world, thanks to an e-girl.


SCP-3966: Falling OutSometimes, the incidence report never leaves the lab.

SCP-847: The MannequinWhatever you want. Just don't leave her.
(tw: abuse, human trafficking)

SCP-001 Proposal: NormalcyConsensus reality is consensus of the O5 Council.


Never MinedA gripping tale of monstrous invasions, destroyed hopes, sour business deals, and lazy gnomes.

The Tomb of Tloques-PopolocasThe party is invited to attend the opening of the sarcophagus of an ancient Olman priest-king. An ancient vampire priest-king.